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How does Joymo differ from other platforms?

A quick summary for you to understand how Joymo is different from other streaming platforms.

  • Owning the content rights

    Joymo enables federations and organizations to own the content rights themselves. Social media is hugely important for promoting the sport. Make use of it as much as you can with highlights and replays on all platforms, but when livestreaming to Facebook or Youtube they capitalize on data created and advertising. We believe you should protect and utilize the value of that content. Joymo offers the opportunity to go all in on livestreaming or to combine livestreaming with TV rights. 

  • Owning the advertising rights

    A great advantage of owning the content rights is that you are also in control of the advertising rights. Joymo does not sell any advertising on your content. You can negotiate that freely with your partners. You can add pre-roll ads to all streams, and get all the income from that.

  • Joymo Share app 

    For events where you don't have a camera crew present or high-end equipment available, the Joymo Share app should be an effective way of capturing content and livestreaming (and very cost effective) on all levels. Download the app, set up a stream, market tickets and you are ready to go live with a phone or tablet. Scoreboard and timer is integrated in the app and you can of course add commentary.

  • PPV and VOD options

    You can sell Pay per View, Pay per Event and Pay per Season tickets. All transactions are via credit card and handled with Stripe. When buying a ticket viewers have access to the event live and in replay for 7 days.

  • Embedding streams

    Embed your streams (with paywall included) to your own website/the website of your choosing. Direct your fans to your site to increase traffic and better understand (and grow) your streaming audience with website analytics.

  • Camera Feed

    We are offering feeds from other devices, a great advantage for organizers who are already streaming. This means that you can utilize today's camera equipment, mixing software and graphics for a great production, but add advertising, paywall and safe storage on our platform (and also embed the stream to your website).

  • Free Access for Athletes

    You can grant athletes and trainers free access to all streams so they can utilize the footage for development purposes.

  • GDPR and Data Protection

    All streams are stored and easily accessed on Joymo's platform Joymo Arena. The platform is GDPR compliant and it is possible to delete content on request. Unlike many streaming services, Joymo does not sell any data to 3. parties.

  • Customer Service

    Joymo handles customer service for both organizers and viewers. The Joymo customer success team onboards and assists streamers, and also handles all feedback and potential refunds to viewers.

  • Cost and income potential

    The standard fee for creating a livestreaming channel is 29 EUR per month. The organizer/organization gets at least 50 % of all ticket revenue profit. By streaming competitions on all levels with a combination of high level production and streaming via app, adding advertising to all content, there should be a great commercial potential.